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A project to valorise the agro-food and cultural heritage excellence of the Oltrepò Mantovano area.

The Rural Community Equipment Project, constituted by this website Itineraries Oltrepò Mantovano and the free app Qui Oltrepò, is born from the will to tell the local history of the places and agricultural products of the Oltrepò Mantovano through texts, images, audio and video stories, building an engaging storytelling for referring users, and can be used directly in the real context.

Through a collection of content that has enabled the local community to create a shared story, it was possible to build a localized narrative of the excellence of this territory. The documentation that has been collected and prepared has been inserted into a feasible and upgradable virtual archive that will keep your memory alive thanks to new digital tools.

A project that recovers above all the traditions and origins of the rural oral culture to sediment it with innovative tools and to propose it to the citizens, tourists to anyone crossing our territory.

This is a first step to not disperse, especially from the agri-food products, the culture, traditions and the historical identity of the Oltrepò mantovano.

D.G. Agriculture / Public call for selection of projects submitted by public bodies for the promotion of the Lombardy area for the promotion of agricultural issues and the local food agro-food chains. Year 2016/2017. Head of the Consortium: Oltrepò Mantovano. Project: Community Rural Equipment (ARC).