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San Lorenzo Park

From clay pit to a place for the history and nature of the Po Plain.

Set up in 1990, the San Lorenzo Park represents the first experience in the province of a Supra-municipal interest local Park, a type of wilderness area established “bottom-up” from the local population’s desire to create “a place to show off the history and nature of the Po Plain”. Entirely within the boundaries of the municipality of Pegognaga, the park is situated around three expanses of water which originated with the clay pits exploited until the 1970s. In the wilderness area, which measures 54 hectares, 37 hectares are assigned to a public park and 10 to a nature reserve (raptor reserve), while the remaining part contains a Roman archaeological area with the Pieve matildica di San Lorenzo church at its centre. The suitable restoration of the ecosystem with these newly formed lakes has attracted 180 species of birdlife, including great crested grebes, numerous anatidae and, above all, one of the most important heron colonies in the province of Mantua. The park has visitors’ centres, observation huts, discovery paths (botanical, birdlife, sensory), a bird ringing station for scientific purposes, sport fishing pits, rest areas and convenient car parks.

Aerial view of the park.

Some of the bird species that populate the park.

Shack for birdwatching.