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EN - Il nome di Carbonara deriva forse dal latino Carbona, una fossa di scolo che pare attraversasse la zona, forse a protezione di una preesistente fortificazione medievale. Documentato con il nome di Carbonera già in un documento del 1082, potrebbe anche derivare da carbonaria, cioè fornace per il carbone, in riferimento all’attività di estrazione del carbone.

Carbonara di Po

In this town you can find

  • The truffle

    Borgofranco sul Po is the only municipality in Lombardia to be part of the National Truffle City Association. Since 1995, every October a truffle fair is held: Tuberfood. Moreover a special conference on truffles is held, as well as a Literary Contest, and 2 local fairs in Bonizzo (the 2nd weekend in October) and in Borgofranco (the 1st weekend of September).

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  • The melon

    A letter dated 30 July, 1480 by the devoted farm manager Antonius Albrici tells us how melons were already appreciated at court: nine melons, the first fruits from the melinara at the court of Dosso dell’Inferno, were promised to the Marquis Federico I Gonzaga and his wife Margaret of Bavaria.

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  • Boscone Island

    On the banks of the Po, behind the town of Carbonara, Boscone Island encloses the second largest spontaneous forest in the Province of Mantua. Established in 1984, the nature reserve extends over an area of 130 hectares, it is part of the European nature protection network Natura 2000 and is one of the 51 wetlands of international importance in Italy.

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  • Bisighini's Villa
    Outdoor Museums

    "Ladies and gentlemen, your presence in this house, softens my soul that is filled with reverent homage and it makes up for so many years of tireless work. It is my duty to thank the Honourable Senator, Mr Fornasari, Mr Monicelli and Mr Bresciano for the undeserved honours that they have paid me and for attending this party here in my home." Taken from the speech given by Bisighini for the villa’s inaugural party.

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