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EN - Una striscia di terra stretta e allungata che fa da sponda meridionale, per oltre 15 chilometri, a quello che è senza alcun dubbio il tratto più bello del Po mantovano e che conserva pregevoli esempi di tutta la gamma tipologica delle corti agricole della bassa pianura mantovana.


In this town you can find

  • Turtei scapà (fled tortelli)

    Diced pumpkin tossed in the pan with some shallot, bay, white wine, salt, pepper and nutmeg… the filling usually used for tortelli is eaten here with maccheroni! A traditional recipe for those who don’t have the time to make the parcels! Don’t forget to add some crumbled amaretto biscuit before serving.

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  • Daffini Archive

    Established in 1998, the Archive is dedicated to Giovanna Iris Daffini and it holds materials from traditional folk balladeers and authors: texts, documents, photographs, articles, specialist magazines and a considerable amount of audio-visual documents.

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  • Rural Courts and Gonzaga courts

    Next to big noble courts such as the Quaranta and Nogarola of Torricella or Tedolda of Villa Saviola, there are some interesting examples of courts of monastic origin such as the Gonfo court, or courts of the great and medium-sized bourgeoisie such as the Fabbrica court. All deserve to be seen

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  • St. Jerome Church

    The building dedicated to St. Jerome was built by Duke Guglielmo Gonzagain 1585, when, having to stay in Motteggiana in that sultry summer, he noticed local residents' difficulty in following religious functions, who had to go to Sailetto or Villa Saviola.

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